Service Key Name Language Attributes Description play_2_7_client Play 2.7 client Scala scala_generator

Play Framework 2.7 client based on <a… play_2_8_client Play 2.8 client Scala scala_generator

Play Framework 2.8 client based on <a… play_2_8_mock_client Play 2.8 Mock Client Java, Scala scala_generator

Provides a mock client with non functional, but compiling stubs, that can… play_2_x_controllers Play 2.x controllers Scala

Generate Play Controllers for the resources. play_2_x_json Play 2.x json Scala scala_generator

Generate play 2.x case classes with json serialization based on <a… play_2_x_routes Play 2.x routes Scala

Generate a routes file for play 2.x framework. See <a… play_2_x_standalone_json Play 2.x standalone json Scala scala_generator

Generate case class with json serialization based on play-json, but do NOT… postman_collection_2_1 Postman Collection v2.1 json

Generates Postman Collection that contains every single endpoint defined in… ts_prop_types PropType Validators TypeScript

PropType Validators in TypeScript prop_types React PropTypes JavaScript

React PropTypes using es2017. Utilizes the prop-types npm module ruby_client Ruby client Ruby

A pure ruby library to consume api.json web services. The ruby client has… scalacheck ScalaCheck Scala scala_generator

Generate ScalaCheck scala_models Scala models Scala scala_generator

Generate scala models from the API description. schema-evolution-manager Schema Evolution Manager

Seed template for a schema repo swagger Swagger

Swagger 2.0 Export of the API spec typescript_classes TypeScript Classes TypeScript

Generates TypeScript classes. Unions become superclasses with type… ts_constants TypeScript Constants

Constant definitions using TypeScript ts_declarations TypeScript Declaration File

TypeScript declaration file covering enums, models and unions from Apibuilder ts_sdk TypeScript Services

Universal SDK in TypeScript